There are many resources that explain the history of Scottish Country Dance and Irish Social dancing, so it's not necessary to repeat this information here. We’ll use this page to try to explain to newcomers what to expect.

But first, here are a couple of favorite links if you are curious:

This is very well written as well as part of an amazing set of resources: Click Here

From the Mothership - The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society: Click Here

As explained in the links above, Scottish Country Dancing is a social activity that involves a "set," or team, of folks dancing together.

You'll learn 5 basic steps to both move and to dance in place. It takes most of us some time to learn to do these steps comfortably, but you can have a lot of fun in the process. It helps not to have great expectations and not put too much pressure on yourself as you progress. The intent is to enjoy!

A dancer uses these steps to do formations, which are prescribed movements and last a short period of time (2-8 beats generally). A sequence of formations make up the complete dance which is often 32 bars long. The dance is repeated and all of the dancers get the pleasure of doing the dance from all of the positions in the set.

Dances are one of two speeds:
• Jig or Reel - which are faster or
• Strathspey - which is slower and powerful

What we do isn't "Riverdance" or "Highland" dancing. These are more performance and competition oriented dancing styles. What you'll do with us is a social activity. Despite many of the photos on this site, we seldom perform (but take it quite seriously when we do). Most of the photos are taken at performances.