We dance all year on Sundays from 5PM to 7PM. We very rarely skip a Sunday (sometimes the facility is in use by others), so if you are new, or haven’t attended recently, we urge you to use the contact information below to verify that we are dancing.

Every Sunday evening, 5 to 7 PM

• Experienced dancers start at 5 PM
• Newer dancers start at 6 PM, but are invited to come at 5 PM to observe. We sometimes work in newer dancers in the 5 PM hour.
NOTE: Currently Irish class is on hold due to low participation. If you are interested, please
Contact Us

$1.00 per session (students free)

New Class Location starting January 2018:
Green Space Arts Collective
529 Malone St, Denton, TX 76201

Phone: 940-321-0012
Email: Please use Contact Us Form

What to Wear
We suggest wearing loose, cool, comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement. We also suggest soft, flexible leather shoes with no or low heels. Examples would be jazz shoes, ballet slippers and ghillies (which are Scottish dance shoes). Some of us use padding in our shoes. Dancing barefoot usually has too much traction and friction and dancing in socks is usually too slippery. Typical athletic shoes are OK, but restrict learning of SCD type footwork.

Dance Class - 2013


Dance Class - Circa 2003