The Denton Celtic Dancers are a community group that gathers to dance every Sunday. We primarily dance Scottish Country Dancing, but sometimes have enough interest to do Irish social dancing.

We have been in existence for over 25 years. Our goal is to have fun in a safe and enjoyable folk dancing environment.

What to expect:
We all know that attending a group for the first time can be anxiety provoking and it can be doubly so when one is new to the activity. We hope some of the info below will be helpful.

The Denton Celtic Dancers welcome newcomers! The 6PM - 7PM hour is devoted to teaching and doing simpler dances. Newcomers are invited to arrive at 5PM if they wish to observe more complicated dances.

There is a certain amount of fitness required. Roughly, if you are fit enough to walk at a rapid pace for several minutes, you shouldn't find the activity too demanding. The dance studio is on the 2nd floor and no elevator is available.

Most of us do not have a dance background, but this is an activity that has an extended learning time. We've never had anyone who could dance proficiently in the first few weeks save a few with years of ballet!

Just know that it is a process that should always be enjoyable.

When we say we're focused on having fun dancing, we mean it! Our group does not bother with officers, hierarchy, newsletters, etc. We'd rather dance and laugh!

Other Information:
Dress comfortably and wear, or bring to wear, clean soft-soled shoes.

No partner required. Age 16 and up (younger mature teens can attend with a parent at the discretion of the group)

No Scottish/Irish/Celtic heritage required. This style of dance is done world-wide.

More information can be found on the
Classes and What Is SCD? pages.